Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Father's Day

I was so excited about Alex's first Father's Day. You would have thought today was Christmas with how excited I was. As soon as Cati woke up today (she slept in to 8am!) I laid her next to Alex and brought him his gifts (yes, I woke him up). She was so excited to give her daddy his gifts; she could barely contain her excitement:

First, she gave him his first ever Father's Day card. She thanked him for being her daddy and for allowing me to stay home with her. She even signed the card.

Then, she gave daddy his first gift. Alex had actually guessed what this gift was about 2 weeks ago. I played it cool but had to try really hard to hide my disappointment. I thought I was being creative and the booger knew exactly what we got him. When I was pregnant Alex read Bill Cosby's "Fatherhood" and loved it. I found out Bill Cosby wrote a follow-up book called "Childhood" and thought it would be a great gift now that he is a dad and will be experiencing all the joys of raising a child.

Alex's other gift was a collage print. I read about a really cute photo idea for Father's Day using D-A-D letters but I was too cheap to actually buy the letters so instead I printed out the word "Papi" on pink cardstock and had Cati take pictures with that. It was a tough shoot because Cati was more interested in sticking the paper in her mouth than posing with it. I did manage to get a few good shots though:

After all this and lots of kisses, Alex thanked me for making him a father. He says that it's still such a surreal thing for him. We have a daughter and we are madly in love with her. I am so lucky to be sharing the joys of raising Cati with such an amazing man.

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