Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Reviewed: Earlyears Puppetivity Pals

Cati is becoming increasingly curious about the world around her. This is great because she has all these toys that are begging for play time. She received Earlyears Puppetivity Pals as a gift and this toy has worked wonders. I pull this toy out when I don't know what else to do to entertain Cati and she gets so entertained by it. The ears crinkle, one hand rattles while the other is good for chewing, the tail squeaks, one foot has a mirror on it while the other has a satin bone, and pressing the heart makes the puppy bark. The puppy is also as soft as chenille fabric, you can wear it as a puppet, and it has a hook for hanging. The toy is great because it has so much going on and, once the baby starts getting bored with one thing, you can switch it up and have her play with another part of the toy.

From Soft, cuddly, adorable Puppetivity Pals encourage both interactive and independent play. Each puppet is designed to fit on an adult's hand for play between child and caregiver, plus their soft chunky bodies can sit up on their own and will instantly become babies' best friend.

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