Sunday, June 27, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

What a busy week I have had. I haven't been able to post because of how busy I have been trying to get everything ready for Cati's baptism. The baptism took place yesterday and it was such a beautiful event. I am in awe of all the love there is out there for our little family. Much to our surprise, Cati behaved herself. The only time she cried was when she was tired. We were prepared for her to cry her lungs out since that's how she has reacted at other similar events (I even told someone not to come up to us for fear they might scare Cati and send her into a crying fit). What I loved the most about her not crying yesterday was that everyone got to see her personality. We were told multiple times that our baby was happy and full of life. Yesterday was a perfect day, but I am so happy it's over. I'm even happier that the next big event isn't until her 1st birthday in 231 days (yes, I have a countdown).
I was fortunate enough to have my friend Lauren come over 2 days this week to watch Cati while I worked on the baptism. I was a little scared of having someone other than Alex, my mother-in-law, or me watch Cati. Not because I didn't trust Lauren, but because I was scared that Cati would think of Lauren as a stranger and cry the entire time Lauren took care of her. The only reason I thought this was because Cati cries every time she sees her grandfather. Initially, we thought it was because she didn't recognize him, but now we think it's a combination of her sensing his hesitation when it comes to her (scared of dropping her, etc) and her grandmother taking her away from him the moment she squeaks. Regardless, Cati was a good girl while Lauren watched her and I got everything done that I wanted to get done.
Cati is becoming increasingly mobile. It's as if something went off in her head the day she learned how to roll from back to tummy. Now she prefers to be on her belly and she's actually trying to crawl. Alex's parent's have a California king size bed and Cati made it from one end of the bed to the other. I wasn't there to see this (I can't believe I missed a first of something!) but Alex caught it on video.
The other big event this week was our dating (7 years) and wedding (3 years) anniversaries. We went out to dinner sans Cati and couldn't get over how much life has changed for us over the years. We met in undergrad, then moved to Boston, then got engaged and married, then moved back to Miami, and had a baby. Our 3rd year of marriage will always be particularly special because it was the year we expanded our family and welcomed our daughter.
PS You absolutely must go to Anthony W. Photography's blog HERE to see a sneak peek of Cati's baptism pictures. I love them!

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