Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Obsession of the Week

I didn't become a fan of pearls up until a few years ago. I think they are beautiful but I didn't think I was the type of girl who looked right wearing pearls. My hair is almost always messy and uncombed and I live in jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Pearls seemed too fancy for me. That all changed when my in-laws gave me a strand of white pearls as a gift one year. This gift forced me to wear the pearls; you can't accept such a gift and never wear it in front of the gift giver, right? At first, I felt weird wearing the pearls but I liked the way the pearls made me look more grown-up and womanly (this is a huge plus when people constantly think you are underage!). Now I have several pearl pendants, another strand of pearls, and countless pearl earrings. I wish someone would have made me try on pearls before so that I could have been enjoying them longer than I have.
For this reason I am happy that Cati received a pearl bracelet from her "Tias" as a baptism gift. She'll be able to enjoy the simple elegance that pearls add and, as an added bonus, she's going to look darn cute with a little pearl bracelet around her wrist. I can't wait until the bracelet fits her. In the meantime, I am obsessed with finding her a beautiful jewelry box for all her jewelry (Alex joked that she has more jewelry than I do). My mother-in-law bought me a green wooden jewelry box with ballerina on it and I would love to find something like this for Cati. Any ideas where I can get one??


Jackie said...

Check out these boxes- they are adorable and there is a Daughter one


Monica said...

the bracelet looks GORGEOUS on my gorda. I think the bracelet is beautiful and classy, just like little Cati will be.
Steph, check TJ Max or Marhalls. I've seen some really cute jewelry boxes there...

Karen said...

OMG, look at that chubby little wrist!! TOO adorable!!!!