Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Costume Frenzy

Cupcake Costume
I have never felt so thrifty in my life. I wanted Cati to have two costumes this year. But only if I could get them for the right price. Because Alex and I plan on dressing up with Cati, I wanted to make sure the costumes were as inexpensive as possible (it's ridiculous how much generic costumes cost!). I wanted Cati to be a poodle so I could get some pictures of her with Perla. I was lucky and found a new poodle costume in Cati's size on eBay and I paid a whopping $5.95 for it (including shipping!).
 Screen shot 2010-09-14 at 4.34.48 PM

I also wanted Cati to be a cupcake. I wasn't so lucky when it came to this costume, but I did find this cupcake costume how-to and figured it would be an easy enough project to undertake. And it was! For this costume I wanted Cati to wear a red bow as the "cherry on top," a tutu around her chest as the "frosting" with pom poms glued on as "sprinkles," white/ivory bloomers as the "cup," pink tights, and booties. The only things I needed to buy were the tutu and the pom poms; I already had everything else! When I was pregnant I bought a red crochet headband as part of a set, the ivory bloomers ($.99 at Marshalls!), and the white booties (picture below). The pink booties where my baby booties (picture below). My mother-in-law had red ribbon leftover from last Christmas and she bought Cati a set of tights when she was 3 months old. I ended up finding the tutu at The Gap for $6.99 (technically it's half of that because I bought a Groupon deal where you got $50 at The Gap for $25, but who's really going to care about that technicality other than me?). The pom poms I bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics using a 40% off coupon and they came out to $1.92.
Cupcake Costume

I love details so my favorite part of the cupcake costume is the red bow. I thought of making a traditional bow but then I felt a surge of creativity and I free handed the loops and came up with the bow that you see. Isn't it cute? Doesn't Cati look adorable modeling it?
Red Bow

I'm undecided when it comes to the booties. I like the white ones because they are really girly but I also like the pink because of the pom poms. What do you think?

Here's the breakdown on money I actually spent once I decided on these two costumes:

$5.95 poodle costume
$6.99 tutu
$1.92 pom poms
Total: $14.86

I still can't believe I was able to DIY the cupcake costume mostly using things I already owned. Next time Alex questions a purchase I make I will remind him of this costume creation and how it was made possible (and cheaply) because of my shopping and vision skills (I buy a lot of things for Cati based on how they would look in pictures).

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