Friday, September 24, 2010

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Cupcake Camp Update

Cupcake Camp Miami is moving along. Here's a recap of the progress made this week:

Name and Logo changes: I had to change the logo because I didn't know there already was a Cupcakes for a Cause campaign. Big oops! I think the new name and logo are cuter anyway. So now the event will be called Cupcakes for a Wish * Cupcake Camp Miami.
Two participating bakeries: I tried visiting one bakery last week and was a little discouraged by the reception I got so I decided instead to send out "feeler" emails with the information on the event and a request for a good time to either call or visit the bakery to speak to someone in person.
*A Cake in a Cup (Baker Spotlight)
*Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe (Baker Spotlight)

That's all there is so far! Don't forget to check up on the blog and Facebook page for more updates!

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