Saturday, September 4, 2010

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This Doesn't Count

Cati has made us question our eating habits. We want to eat better for her and give her the foundation for what will hopefully be a healthy, happy, and positive relationship with food. One of the things we plan on giving up is fast food like McDonald's and Burger King. Granted, we don't eat there often but if we don't want Cati to even realize she's missing out on fast food then we need to cut fast food cold turkey right now. Except that's not going to happen because apparently and according to Alex McDonald shakes are excluded from the fast food ban because "that doesn't count." The man brings forward a compelling argument and how bad can something with whipped cream and a cherry on top really be?

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Mommyhood Mayhem said...

Lol...I know how you feel! My weakness is their vanilla iced coffee--I actually looked up the calories and it is under I don't feel *too* guilty. Now, those fries, on the other hand, they will continue to haunt my dreams. I love them... :)