Friday, September 17, 2010

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Oh, Burger!

Blue Cheese Bacon Burger
I love burgers. I'm perfectly happy with a plain cheeseburger but, if you really want to make me happy, give me a burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. My arteries and cholesterol will be thanking me for that one in the future. Alex, on the other hand, likes to experiment with burgers. He made us blue cheese bacon burgers recently and the burger was beyond delicious. He mixed blue cheese into the ground beef so that was a pleasant surprise when eating the burger. I think the cheese mixed in actually helped the burger to taste extra juicy because it added a creamy texture to the hamburger meat. Alex topped the burgers with a mountain of blue cheese, which melted oh so deliciously on the burger, and topped that with bacon. It was pure burger heaven.

What's your favorite burger?

Blue Cheese Bacon Burger


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