Friday, September 24, 2010

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She IS My Daughter!

I don't like when people ask me who I think Cati looks like. I think she's too beautiful to look like either of us. The interesting thing is that I can see Alex's features in her but I can't see myself in her. Maybe my brain couldn't make the connection because everyone and their mother said Cati looked just like her daddy. It wasn't until recently that more people started to say she looked like me. I still didn't see it. You should see all the goofy pictures I take of us; I try to see what they see and I can't. THEN I finally saw what people were talking about. Now I do think Cati looks like me and I would have never thought this if I didn't go through my baby/toddler pictures (she is such a mix!). Alex and I both agree that Cati looks like Alex did as a baby while Cati looks like me as a toddler. Here's Cati now:


Here's me as a toddler:


When I look at Cati I still don't see it but when I look at her pictures next to mine I do. It's good to know that my genes were passed on to her physicality because if something like my temper was, oh boy, I'm in for trouble.


Serena said...

can i tell you my opinion? :)
of course relatives see what they want to. mom's relatives will always tell that you look exactly like your mother, your dad's relatives will always tell that you look just like your father.
I haven't ever been able to decide whether i look more like my mom or my dad, if you leave aside the fact that my dad has blue eyes and i do not
my mother has reaaally dark hair, my dad too, i have brown hair
i saw pics of my mom when she was like ten, and i instantly thought it was a pic f me! but of course it wasn't
when i smile, they say i'm just like my dad
someone tells me i'm just like my dad's mom, and i love that too (because i loved that grandma so much, and she's no longer with us)
that is to say, whether you and the rest of the world see it or not, Cati HAS something of both of you
personally, i think that when she grows up, she will look just like you :)
(yes, she really looks like you when you were a toddler)

i love your blog and always stop by, even though i rarely comment :)


vickdn said...

aww you were a cutie! you two do look alike :)

Eliana said...

She totally looks like you! I've always thought that. Super cute.