Friday, September 3, 2010

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Today we hear from Lenore. Along with Charlotte (here are her answers!), Lenore blogs over at Mommyhood Mayhem. Lenore has shared her pregnancy and birth stories, but the post that resonated the most with me was about her guilt over not being able to breastfeed her daughter. It's a great post so I recommend reading it. Breastfeeding is hard, but the guilt associated with it is even harder and Lenore conveys this so well.

Here are Lenore's answers:

1. One ugly truth about motherhood. Motherhood is full of worries. Especially if you are a Type-A germaphope like I am...there is nothing more difficult than seeing your precious little baby feel sick and not be able to tell you how she feels. You also worry about...well, everything. In infancy, I worried about Lily breathing in her crib (I probably checked up on her a million times a night), if she was eating enough, if she had a fever, if that person's hands were clean when they so politely tried to pick her up without permission...Now, in toddlerhood, I worry about skinned knees, if she is going to bite the toddler she is playing with, etc., etc. Be prepared to love this little person more than anything...and to worry more than anything!

2. What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood, put simply, means love. I cannot describe how much I love that cute little girl I birthed 18 months ago. Growing up with her has been an amazing experience and, now that she is older, I am ecstatic to see her expressing her love to me...There is nothing sweeter than her constant "thisses" (kisses) and hugs.

3. How has motherhood empowered you? The very process of pregnancy and delivery empowered me as a mom. I mean, I. GREW. a. human. And, I delivered her--how amazingly powerful is that? As a Stay-at-home-mommy I like to think that I am making it my job to make my sweet little girl as fullfilled and securely attached as possible, that way, when she doesn't need me or her daddy as much anymore, she will know how to be an independant and strong young woman. 

Thank you Lenore for sharing your mommyhood journey with us and for making us laugh with your posts (tampon obsession is hilarious!). 

Project Empowering Motherhood is an ongoing series in celebration and honor of Cati's 6 months. For my responses to the questions and more about the series, go HERE. To read Jenn, Melisa, Esther, Andrea, Jenny, Jen, Mollie, Jamie, Charlotte, Erika, Shari and Julie's answers, go HERE. If you are interested in participating and being featured on the blog send your answers to the three questions to 

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