Sunday, September 5, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

I have been feeling a lot better this week. Last week was a tough mommy week and this week is a a better mommy week. I guess Cati wanted to apologize for her cranky behavior by giving me a couple of nights where she only woke up once. I was amazed and felt rested. Too bad it didn't last! I can't wait until she starts sleeping through the night and until I stop waking up to pump.
Speaking of pumping, I am down to 3 pumps a day. I did lose a couple of ounces but I'm not even phased by it because I am still producing enough milk for Cati. I did an inventory count of how much milk I have in the freezer and there's enough milk in there to last 2.5 months if Cati keeps eating as much as she is eating now. This is so encouraging and it makes me feel like my goal of making it to 9 months pumping with a freezer stash to last up until Cati is 1 could actually become a reality. It's so weird to be thinking about the end of my pumping days. It's even weirder to think about me stopping pumping but Cati continuing to drink my breast milk. I've had so many clogged ducts and bouts of mastitis, but seeing my freezer stash makes it all worth it.
I started mixing Cati's veggies this week and I have increased the amount she gets. Now she gets between 2-3 Tbsp of food at lunch (still 1 Tbsp of cereal for breakfast). She's not a fan of the cereal and the only way she will eat it is if it more dry than liquid. I was a little taken aback by her reaction to bananas; I thought she would go crazy over the introduction of something sweet. She did, however, seem to enjoy the bananas more the next day but I think she's still confused by the sweet.
It's the little things that amaze you when it comes to a developing baby. When we first got the Jumperoo Cati cried and hated it. Then a few days later she figured it out and loved bouncing in it. This week she learned how to rock from side to side. It's so cool to see her discover how her body interacts with the world around her.
Cati is getting closer and closer to crawling. She is a pro at army crawling and now she likes to practice crawl by getting on all fours and lifting an arm off the ground and then a leg. She actually crawled forward on all fours, but it was just for a second and she quickly plopped down and started army crawling.
The cutest thing she's done this week, in my opinion, is discovering the water faucet in the bath. She reaches for the water and I love to see her fingers move under the flow of the water as she tries to figure out what's going on.
The second cutest thing is what we call her "viejita face." She scrunches up her nose and sniffs. It's hard to describe so here's a video:
I'm still tired and the fact that it rained all week hasn't helped me with my mood. I'm in a serious funk. I hope next week is a better week.

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