Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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TWD: Banana Upside-Downer

Banana Upside-Downer
I chose to be different. I chose to not follow the crowd, to be different. Sounds good, right? Sounds like I'm taking a stand. The truth is, I didn't have cranberries, I didn't want to go to the store to get them, and I had bananas that are at that perfect for baking and eating stage. I was lazy. Plain and simple. I'm sure this cake is delicious with cranberries and maybe I'll try to make it with cranberries in the upcoming months, but for now, the cake with bananas is wonderful. The bananas melted into the cake and were such a great texture contrast to the denseness of the cake. The changes I made included halving the recipe, subbing cinnamon for nutmeg, topping with a caramel sauce, and using a combination of brown and granulated sugars instead of granulated sugar alone.
Banana Upside-Downer

Thanks to Sabrina of Superfluous for this week's selection. She picked a cake that is easy to work with and flexible. Make sure to head over to  her blog for the recipe and to head over to the TWD site to see what everyone else thought.
Banana Upside-Downer
Banana Upside-Downer


Eliana said...

Love that you used banana for this treat. It's seriously making my mouth water!

Lisa said...

Ooohhh. I love banana upside down cake. Yours looks perfect with the caramel on top.

vickdn said...

um yum that sounds and looks so good, maybe even better than the cranberry version!

Jeannette said...

oh my goodness, i have to try this NOW! *runs to the store for bananas* your caramel sauce looks di-vine!!


Flourchild said...

I want a slice right now! It looks very good! I love your banana idea!

Katrina said...

Ok, you win, Stephanie. Of all the upside-downers I've seen, this is my favorite. I thought briefly about trying bananas, but had peaches that I needed to use, so it was just a passing thought. It looks and sounds fabulous! The caramel...ohh. I must try this.