Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Dessert Table

I know, I know. Not only have I teased you with the table by only showing you bits and pieces at a time but I have also dedicated quite a few posts to the dessert table and none to the rest of the party. I promise there is a party post coming up filled with lots of pictures but seeing as baking and cooking have taken a back seat to Cati over this past year I wanted to get back to the roots of this blog for a little bit.

And now...I present you with the dessert table. The thing I obsessed over for weeks and weeks. The thing Alex laughed at me about because of all the drawings I made. I'm mighty proud of how it came out and am still shocked that I did it (with the help of Sarah, Shelley, Ivonne, and BJ's of course!). Before I show you the professional pictures of the table I have to show you my absolute favorite picture of the table that I got:

Can you see Cati in the left part of the picture looking out to the table? I hadn't even noticed her there until I started editing the picture. I love that I got a shot like this! Here are some of the professional pictures taken by Anthony W. Photography:
That's all folks! Thank you so much for hanging around as I shared my dessert table obsession with you. 


MrsA.Woods said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great job!!

Delia said...

Those all look great!