Sunday, February 6, 2011

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Styling C: 02.03.11 to 02.06.11

Thursday, 02.03.11
The Look: Cupcake Cutie
The Outfit: Bonnie Baby green plaid cupcake top and pants

Friday, 02.04.11
The Look: Gingham Baby
The Outfit: Crazy8 blue gingham top, Garaminals jean leggings , Jazzy Toes socks

Saturday, 02.05.11
The Look: Sweet & Chic
The Outfit: Ten purple peasant top, Gap skinny jeans, Carter's white socks

Sunday, 02.06.11
The Look: Miami Casual
The Outfit: Gymboree white watermelon top, Old Navy jeans and brown socks



Katrina said...

It has been so fun over the last year watching Cati grow. She is a doll, Stephanie.

Desi said...

I agree with Katrina, it has been a pleasure. Cati is the cutest :)