Sunday, February 13, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

This was the last week of Cati's first year of life and it was marked by the celebration of her first birthday. Cati's birthday is tomorrow but the week was spent in preparation of her party. I'll have more to say on the party when I have more pictures but just know that it was a fantastic day and Cati was spoiled with love.
To really mark the end of her first year of life there is no longer an ounce of breast milk in the house. Cati had her last bit of breast milk during her last bottle of the day on Feb. 10th. I thought I would be sad about this but I wasn't because of how well Cati has taken to the organic whole milk. If she still had that rash and apparent sensitivity then I would have felt guilty about not pumping longer.
Cati is getting a top tooth! I knew something was up with her and it was confirmed when I looked in her mouth. That sucker is starting to break through and its appearance is only further confirming my suspicious that the child will be teething into her teens since teeth are coming one month apart.
Cati has become such a social baby over the last two weeks. She loves to play with you and is constantly bringing you toys so you can play with her. She's also become a bit of a chatter box and the intonations of her voice are the most beautiful and hilarious things we have ever heard. Best of all, she loves and understands hide-and-seek. Alex will cover his eyes, count to ten, and then chase after Cati. While Alex is counting to ten, Cati tries to run away, and as soon as she hears him call out ten and his footsteps approaching she stops and breaks down into the biggest giggling fit. It's as if the anticipation of him catching her is too much for her to handle and she explodes with laughter.
We had our final photo session this week and Cati was not feeling it at all. She was all smiles during her 9-month session but this time around she wanted nothing to do with the camera. All she wanted to do was play with the water in the fountain or walk around and she got mad every time we tried to hold her down for pictures. The only pictures she cooperated with where the cake ones because she was distracted by all the blue sugary goodness. I still can't get over how she reacted to the cake and that will definitely be one of the highlights from her first year of life.
That's it. My baby will be one tomorrow. I don't know if I am going to keep on doing these "This Week in Mommyhood" posts because my goal was just to do them through her first year of life. I guess we'll see how I'm feeling next Sunday!


Eliana said...

Glad to her the party was great. Hope you enjoy your day with Cati tomorrow.

Momof1 said...

Happy FIRST birthday Cati! So exciting!

Desi said...

I love 'this week in mommyhood'!! please keep writing! i love to hear about the ups and downs of mommyhood :) it prepares me!