Sunday, February 6, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

This past week was an interesting week for Cati. We had been doing so well with the milk switch when, all of a sudden, Cati started having loose poops (not diarrhea) and got a nasty diaper rash. I called the pediatrician but never heard back so I did what every mother should never do: I googled. Turns out loose poops and diaper rash are signs of a milk sensitivity. It also turns out that this could just be her body adjusting to all the sugars in the whole cow's milk. I was freaked out by the diaper rash because it was so bad that it hurt Cati to sit on her bum in the bath and it hurt when we wiped her down. So, based on handy Google,  I had two options, (1) stop giving her cow's milk and try giving her 2% or (2) keep on giving her the milk until her body adjusted. I want with a modified option (1) and stopped the cow's milk for a day so the rash could clear up. I made sure to keep everything else in her diet the same just to completely rule out a milk sensitivity.
The diaper rash got better, but then I was faced with another problem. The frozen milk was dwindling down and I didn't want to throw her into something new without her being eased in first. After a day of breast milk only, I went to the store and bought her organic whole milk and 2% milk. I started off with the organic whole milk because I know whole milk is better for her. And would you believe it that she is taking the organic milk like a champ? No diaper rash, no loose poop diapers, nothing! Now I'm wondering if she is reacting better to the organic milk because it is less processed? Either way, I'm glad she is reacting so well because there is literally 20-something ounces of breast milk left in the house.
Other than the milk setback, Cati has been doing wonderfully this week. She's still being a fickle eater and, unfortunately, she seems to eat better when other people feed her. She definitely associates me with playtime and takes me feeding her a game of "here mommy, eat this!"
Cati loves to drink out of a straw so I thought I would try giving her a sippy cup with a straw to drink out. I know these are such normal things but when my daughter does them I think they are the cutest things on the planet. She looks absolutely adorable walking around with her cup.
Last week Cati learned how to say "woof" when she saw Perla but this week she's learned how to say "woof" whenever she sees a dog! I can't believe how quickly babies make connections like this. Another example has to do with bubbles. We showed her bubbles for the first time last week and this week she knows you have to blow to get the bubbles to come out. She also knows grown-ups are better at bubble blowing and she's constantly bringing us the bubbles so we can blow her bubbles.
The cutest moment this week was when Alex was leaving and she waved at him and blew him kisses. Talk about melting your heart. I will miss certain parts of the baby stage but it's moments like this that remind me there is so much to look forward to with Cati growing up.
Cati has eight more days left of babyhood and this week was spent pouring over her newborn pictures and being amazed at the change and rate of growth.

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Desi said...

She is adorable even when bawling her eyes out. I'm glad the rash has cleared up. And awwww that is super cute that she blew Alex a kiss goodbye. I bet it was the sweetest thing :)