Sunday, February 27, 2011

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This Week in Mommyhood

I've been feeling a little under the weather this week. I still haven't fully recovered from the cold that ripped through the household two weeks ago. Luckily, Cati is perfectly sick-free, but it sucks because I don't feel as energetic as I usually am. Usually I feel like I'm one step behind Cati but these week I've felt like I'm three. Talk about dragging foot.
Cati continues to impress me. She does the cutest things, like dancing by bouncing instead of just swaying. Or grabbing her bib and going to the rocking chair when she wants her milk. Or my personal favorite, going to the buffet table to get my keys, then trying to pick up my purse, and heading to the door so that we can go out. All I have to do is say "bye" and she knows exactly what we need to take with us for the outing. It's so amazing how quickly she picks up on these simple every day tasks. These aren't even the things I try to teach her to do; it's just the stuff she sees me do repeatedly.
I noticed a shift in Cati's eating this week. Breakfast and dinner are small meals while lunch is a huge meal. She eats so much during lunch that I'm impressed by her ability to eat as much as she does.
We dog sat Alex's co-worker's dogs this weekend and Cati was so in love with them. I love that we have raised a dog lover and that she's not afraid of dogs. As soon as she saw the dogs she squealed in excitement and then proceeded to pet and kiss the dogs.
Cati is such a big girl. She is constantly leaving me either speechless or grinning from ear to ear. Being a mother is so awesome. 

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