Monday, February 14, 2011

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Twelve Months

Today is a milestone little one. It is a milestone for our entire family: it has been one year since you were born, one year since I gave birth to you, and one year since we became a little family. Today you say hello to toddlerhood and goodbye to babyhood.
And what a goodbye you gave. In the past month you have grown up so much and become such a little girl. I've said it before that I see you more as an active little person versus a blob of a baby but when I say that I mean I see you as an independent active little person. You can do so much on your own from walking to feeding yourself to playing on your own.
In this past month you have started to let others into your private little world. You bring us toys to play with you, you chat up a storm in your own little language, you like to engage us in games like peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek, and you aren't afraid of interacting with new people anymore (especially babies). You are so social and active.
The downside to you being so active is that now you hate sitting still and being tied down for more than ten minutes. Car rides and walks in the strollers have reverted back to that newborn stage because you start throwing a fit (in the form of crying, throwing toys, and swinging feet or some combination of those three things). My car now looks like a traveling Toys R Us because of all the things needed to keep you entertained and distracted. At one point this month I even timed your attention span: shortest time 32 seconds; longest time seven minutes.
You have always been a happy baby but this past month you showed us your range of emotions particularly anger and sadness. You showed us we could hurt your feelings by telling you no. You also showed us how much it hurts your feelings when I don't put you down to sleep myself. You are such a sentimental little girl and now it takes consolation on an emotional level to make you feel better as opposed to the consolation on a physical level marked by the first few months of your life. You also showed us your sense of humor and ability to understand the absurd (me skipping seems to be a personal favorite).
The past month in your life has been wonderful and magical. Each day my little stranger becomes more familiar. Each day I understand you better and see you as a wholly separate entity. The month was split in two for me: on one level the month was spent seeing you come into your own and letting us in your world and on another level it was spent in preparation of the one day that would celebrate the most amazing 365 days.
This past month you stopped drinking breast milk and started drinking cow's milk. You gained another tooth and expanded your vocabulary with the addition of "agua" (water) and you helped us realize day after day how lucky we are to be your parents.
Photo by Yania of Breathtaking Memories
Today is February 14th. Today you woke up to the most annoying rendition of "Happy Birthday to You". Today I not only get to reflect on the past month of your life but also the past year. Today is the day I get to assess the whole of your life instead of its parts. Today I get to celebrate you in the most loving way: one year ago you came into my life and blessed me with the gift of motherhood and unconditional love and awe. For that there are not enough thank yous in the world.


Eliana said...

Tan bella tu nina. I feel like I have been there with you over the last year watching her grow. Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine's together :)

Momof1 said...

Hope she had a great birthday!

Katrina said...

Love all the photos. Yay for your baby being a toddler now. I'm sure you made it so she had the best birthday!

Desi said...

I'm really late, but happy belated 1st birthday, Cati! It's been a pleasure watching your little baby grow up. She is absolutely breathtaking!