Friday, August 27, 2010

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Today we are hearing from Charlotte, one of the mommies behind Mommyhood Mayhem.  This is a new blog I was recently turned on to and I love it. Both Charlotte and Lenore (check back next week for Lenore's answers!) talk about motherhood in such an honest and relatable way. Charlotte has shared her pregnancy and mommyhood journey and her thoughts on having a second child in her "When is the right time?" post. This last post struck a nerve with me because, while I do look forward to being pregnant again and to bringing another life into this world, I do not look forward to starting all over again with a newborn. Motherhood at 6 months is so much more enjoyable for me than it was at 1 month.

Here are Charlotte's answers:

1. One ugly truth about motherhood. There are days where you will be covered in and smell like whatever bodily fluid your child happens to be secreting. Maybe the worst part of this is that you don't really even care!- You're more worried that they start feeling better soon.

2. What does motherhood mean to you? To me motherhood has meant losing the person I thought I was, only to discover that I'm a more capable woman than I ever thought I could be. ... It also means much less sleep!

3. How has motherhood empowered you? The process of pregnancy, growing another person inside your body, is amazing and empowering in its own right. But more than that, is raising this little person who will become a productive member of society. By raising my daughter with strong morals and values I'm helping the world to become a better place.

Thank you Charlotte for letting us in on all your Mommyhood Mayhem moments!

Project Empowering Motherhood is an ongoing series in celebration and honor of Cati's 6 months. For my responses to the questions and more about the series, go HERE. To read Jenn, Melisa, Esther, Andrea, Jenny, Jen, Mollie, and Jamie's answers, go HERE. If you are interested in participating and being featured on the blog send your answers to the three questions to

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