Thursday, August 5, 2010

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10 % off at Carys Kids

Back in May I posted my obsession with embroidered onesies for Cati's 3 month pictures. I reached out to the sellers letting them know that I had mentioned their onesies in my post and one of the sellers, Cary, responded and said she would give my readers 10% off their order as long as they mentioned my blog. So now I letting you guys know about this awesome offer (which I plan on taking advantage of) and encouraging you to at least have a look of all the cute stuff on Cary's Kids site. Here are some of my favorites:

Cati has a swim hat similar to this one!

This looks so elegant.

I love onesies with an initial on them. Is it insane that I've already thought
about Cati's 3rd or 5th birthday being a "C is for Cupcake" theme?

Speaking of cupcakes...

PS I get zero compensation from this, I just wanted to pass along this great offer!

1 comment:

Damaris said...

great, now I'm going to go and spend money....

my 10 month old need something cute.