Thursday, August 19, 2010

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Cupcake Camp Miami 2010!

Have you heard of Cupcake Camp? No? Well let me tell you what it is in less than 10 words: one day event, lots of cupcakes, unlimited eating, free! I heard about the one held in Boston in April and was so jealous that the camp wasn't held a year earlier so I could attend. Well, I could sit around and sulk or get up and actually do something about it. I'm choosing to do something. I'm planning on having Cupcake Camp come to Miami in November. The dates I'm looking into are November 4, 5, or 6. That's up in the air until I can get a location. Now I need YOUR help. I need you to help me spread the word and if you know of any locations that would be willing to host the event for free please let me know so I can get to calling. This is a great event and I look forward to spreading some cupcake love in my favorite city!

If you are interested in helping out or baking for the event, email me at I'll be working on a more formal site and email for Cupcake Camp Miami 2010.

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