Monday, August 16, 2010

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Getting Back to My Roots

Today was a long day. I feel like I barely had a moment to myself. It doesn't help that I'm bummed about my camera. I sent it out to Canon today because there was nothing I could do to fix it. I tried cleaning it out (no dust Natalie), rubbing the contacts with an eraser, cleaning the contacts with Alex's glasses cloth, rotating the lens, and who knows what else. All I can do is hope that they fix it and get it back to me sooner rather than later.
To cheer myself up I'm thinking about Colombian food. I recently discovered that our local supermarket sells Colombian chorizo (sausage). This is huge because the closest good Colombian bakery is at least a 20 min drive and I try to avoid driving in Miami at all costs (not easily done, by the way). I've been wanting to learn how to cook more authentic Colombian and Cuban foods and eating this chorizo has inspired me. Are you guys familiar with Colombian or Cuban food? Anything you'd be interested in seeing?





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Alex said...

Mmm those chorizo's look good. I love chorizo's!