Sunday, August 22, 2010

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This Week in Mommyhood

This week has been full of firsts. Cati had peas and carrots for the first time and she seems to like carrots more than peas. I told myself I would taste everything I give to Cati before giving it to her but I couldn't bring myself to taste her peas. The day I made the peas the house WREAKED. It smelled so bad and the smell made me gag. If the smell made me gag what would the taste to do to me? I normally have no problem eating peas, but I just couldn't take the smell.
1st Peas
The carrots, on the other hand, did not smell up my house in a way that made me want to reach for a barf bag. They weren't going to make things easy for me, though. You know how they tell you not to eat too many carrots because you will turn orange? Well, the same applies for everything and anything carrots touch. Cati's pretty green spoon is now a murky green-orange. And the blade on my food processor? Pale orange. Not cool. Not cool at all.
Alex laughs at me because one of the things that makes me so excited about feeding Cati solids is her poop. I know, I know too much information, but I am looking forward to her having little people poop. Her diapers would be so much easier to clean and clothes would become less stained if she didn't have that yellowish, stain friendly breast milk poop. The peas and carrots have changed the color but they haven't made it any more solid. Boo. Maybe when she starts eating more solids?
Either way, I am so glad that she has responded so well to the solids. So far, no bad reactions. Neither of us have any food allergies (unless dislike is synonymous with allergic) so I'm hoping the same goes for Cati. My plan is to spend the first two weeks of her 6th month introducing veggies and the last two introducing fruits. She'll still get veggies when I introduce fruits but I'm trying to teach her that she should eat her veggies before she gets her sweets. So in 10 years (or 6?) when she's fighting with me over eating all her veggies I can tell her that she's been eating in this pattern for X amount of years. "If you've been eating this way your whole life, why do you think we'll change it now?" is what I'll say. And then she'll look at me like I've lost my mind.
1st Peas
Cati is still rocking on all fours. She tries to lunge herself forward, but usually ends up face straight in the floor. The funny thing is that she has the right movements when it comes to moving backwards on all fours but she hasn't figured out that those same movements will get her moving forward. I wonder when she'll figure it out and how much more interesting life with baby will get once Cati becomes that mobile.
Cati loves to pull herself up. Sometimes we think she might even walk before she crawls because of her obsession with pulling herself up. We had her in the top part of Pack-n-Play earlier this week and she scooted herself to the edge and used the metal frame to pull herself up. Needless to say, we took out that top part quicker than you say "Hamburger!" Now she looks like she's in a baby prison.
We went out for the first time at night. First, let me say that I am a homebody. I like being home and after spending a whole day with Cati I look forward to her 7pm bedtime so I can focus a little attention on myself. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by staying home but I feel bad for Alex. I don't want to keep him tied down at home if he wants to go out. Do you see what the problem is here? Alex would like to go out but doesn't want to if I don't come along. The last time we went out at night was a very long time ago (maybe 3 months?) and I have been afraid to go out with Cati at night since we got into a good bedtime groove. I didn't know how she'd react to being out at night or whether she'd be able to go back to sleep quickly once we got home. I didn't want to take the risk of a bad night of sleep because I'm the one that has to deal with the bad nights. Alex snoozes blissfully next to me while I wake at every sound Cati makes. I didn't want to sacrifice my sleep (sleep is precious, after all!) for a night of fun. How priorities have changed, huh?
Well, we went out because Alex didn't think when he agreed for us to go to dinner. I asked him what time dinner was and he told me 7pm. I replied with "but that's the baby's bedtime." He replied with the dumbest "Oops! I forgot!" face. We tried to find a babysitter but no luck. Before we even thought of a babysitter I had already decided that Cati was going and that we would have to figure it out. We can't stay inside all the time and she has to get used to us going out from time to time. One night won't throw her off is what I figured. And I was right! Cati slept at our friend's house, woke up for the car ride home, but fell asleep as soon as you can say "Ice Cream!" once we got home. We didn't get even home until after midnight. I was really impressed by Cati, but more than anything I was so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone. Parenthood is all about incorporating this new role into your life while still holding onto what makes you YOU. I felt like a little bit of the "Fun Steph" came back for the night. Kind of like Cinderella and her one night to feel amazing and outside of herself. Now, I can honestly say I look forward to going out with Cati more. I know she can handle being out without freaking out and I know that she will sleep the same. I just added another notch to my regain-freedom belt! (PS Couldn't have done it without you, Chris and Raquel! Love you guys!)
Have I told you guys how I can't believe my baby is 6 months? It still hasn't sunk in. Sigh :(

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Katrina said...

Great post, Stephanie. I love seeing Cati "grow up". Love the video of her eating carrots.
You are an awesome mom!
My oldest LOVED sweet potatoes and the dr. told me we better cut back a little, that he was turning yellow.