Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Giving You Some Face

Guess what?? Go ahead and guess. What? You don't like guessing? It's ok I don't like it either. I just thought I'd give it a shot. I tried to create a fan page on Facebook for the blog. I'm having technical difficulties at the moment (it's actually more like I-don't-understand-Facebook-or-technology difficulties) so until I get it all figured out make sure to: And knowing how I am that probably won't work so you'll have to click HERE. Anyone have any tips or words of encouragement for the technologically impaired?

Make sure to spread the word because I'm doing a giveaway once I reach 100 fans. Here's what you can get:
PS Further proof of my problems with technology: It's taken me an hour to get this post together because of the new format on Blogger. I HATE it! Am I the only one?

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vickdn said...

hi! I am a follower of your blog... and I just liked you on facebook. Do I have to do anything else to be entered into the drawing to win the cupcake cookbook?