Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Solid Success!

If you ask anyone within earshot they will tell you I have been beyond excited about giving Cati cereal today. I even woke up with extra energy today. Aside from the emotions that come with realizing that your baby isn't going to stop growing, I was looking forward to introducing Cati to cereal and seeing her reaction. Well, Cati is truly our child; she ate with so much vigor. You'd think we were giving her the biggest bowl of ice cream with the way she reacted toward the cereal. She enjoyed it so much. The kid was FEROCIOUS.
I sat Cati in the high chair and planned on feeding her while we had our breakfast (our first real meal together!). As soon as she realized the cereal was for her and that the spoon was going into her mouth she pulled herself forward and opened her mouth. She was ready for the cereal and she swallowed it all.
She ate every last drop of cereal. Alex called her demonic because she would go into a rage between spoonfuls because I wasn't feeding her fast enough. She would pull herself forward, grunt, and I swear she was going to break free of the high chair, become Baby Hulk, and grab the bowl and feed herself. She would open her mouth in anticipation of every spoonful. Girl was ready for cereal and enjoyed every spoonful of her cardboard tasting soup. Imagine how she will be once I start her on the real good stuff next week?

PS stay tuned for the Six Months post later on.


Alexandria said...

Look at that proud mommy on video :)
Congrats to Mommy and Cati! Hopefully future feedings are as successful as the first.

Katrina said...

I LOVE it that she liked the cereal so much! She is going to go nuts for sweet potatoes, bananas, cookies, pies, ;)