Thursday, August 5, 2010

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Reviewed: Hungry Bear

My first real job was working at Quiznos. I do not miss those days, especially the horrible way I smelled at the end of a shift, but that job was by far the funnest job I have ever had. The people I worked with were great, the customers in our area were extremely nice (generous tippers, too!), and the food was good (I'm still a Mesquite Chicken sandwich girl). I remember being told about a sub shop called Hungry Bear when I worked at Quiznos. I was told their subs were better than Quiznos because they had a "fresher" taste and a better price.
It took me 10 years to finally make it to Hungry Bear after I first heard about it and now I'm upset it took me so long! I've been there twice in the last month and now I have a new favorite sub shop and sub. I'm all about the Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich. The chicken is sauteed, chopped up, and drenched in a not-too-sweet honey mustard sauce. Add some provolone cheese and some soft sandwich bread and we're talking about sub heaven here. Going to Hungry Bear highlights one of my eating drawbacks though: I tend to stick to what I like and I order the same thing over and over again. I'm sure everything else on their menu is just as great but why risk something you know is great for something that might be just good?

Hungry Bear Sub Shop has two Miami locations, one at 10521 SW 109th Ct and the other at 3399 NW 72nd Ave.

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looks super delish!