Monday, August 23, 2010

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Obsession of the Week

There has been a lot of Halloween talk around here. I can't wait to dress Cati up! Alex doesn't have to work the holiday this year so I wanted to do matching costumes. My initial idea was Cati as Tinkerbell, me as Peter Pan, and Alex as Hook. He nixed the idea. He didn't want to be Peter Pan because he didn't want to wear green tights and he didn't want to be Hook because he didn't want to wear make up. Then I suggested Cati being Snow White, me being the evil witch, and Alex being Prince Charming but he didn't want me to be an evil witch. A few other suggestions were also turned down and I suggested we all just be doctors. All he has to do is wear his scrubs and Cati and me get costumes. That's the easiest costume for him. There's no way he could turn that idea down, right? Well, he did. He said the costume was too boring! Umm, ok. Everything else I have suggested was turned down for one reason or another so what am I supposed to do? I came up with one last idea and before I proposed the idea to him I told him to choose his words carefully because our marriage was on the line. I thought it would be cute for Alex and I to be bakers and Cati our little cupcake. He liked the idea!

There are no cupcakes costumes in Cati's size so I need to put the costume together myself. Luckily, I found this easy tutorial on putting together a Homemade Cupcake Costume. Cati is going to wear a big red bow as the cherry on top, a pink tutu as frosting with pastel colored cotton balls glued on as sprinkles, these ivory silk bloomers I bought before she was born as the cup, pink tights, and little shoes (still haven't decided).
I also plan on getting her a poodle costume (on eBay or somewhere really cheap) so I can get some shots of her and Perla.

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