Friday, August 13, 2010

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Daily Bread Marketplace

We went to Daily Bread Marketplace on the recommendation of one of Alex's friends. This place is half market/half fast food restaurant. The location we went to was a little obscure from where we came from and, if it weren't for a staff member that messed up our order because she thought Alex had ordered when he didn't, we would have enjoyed our dinner. There's nothing like confusion and accusations from staff regarding what you ordered to make you feel good about your dining experience. We both ordered the Beef Shawarma platter. The platter came with a pita, hummus, marinated beef, and tabouli. Neither of us touched the tabouli because I don't like tomatoes and Alex doesn't like vegetables. The hummus had a very prominent lemon flavoring to it and the beef was soft and tender with a hint of vinegar. The food was good, but as I said in THIS post it's not just about the food when you go out; it's about the whole experience. I doubt we'll be going back because it's never a good thing when the people behind the counter think they know what you want better than you do.
Daily Bread Marketplace is located at 2400 SW 27 Street.

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