Monday, August 9, 2010

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Obsession of the Week

I tend to go over board. My brain literally makes leaps in thoughts. Soon after Cati was born I became sad for Alex. Not only was I experiencing the deluge of post birth hormones that made me feel extra emotional about myself and my blooming relationship with Cati, but I was also feeling sad and hurt for Alex. I would tell him (and anyone that would listen) life was incredibly unfair; he was sent a daughter, she would inevitably become a daddy's girl, and for a great part of her life Alex will be the most important man in her life. Then one day it will happen. A strange man will steal her heart (how can she honestly want to give her heart to another man when her daddy is so awesome?) and then that strange man will become the most important man in her life. Sure, Alex will still be important but her life and love will lie in that strange man. That's not fair and I felt so heartbroken for Alex. Will he be able to handle having his little girl leave him to be with another man? Will he be able to handle seeing her fall in love with another man? Will he be able to handle seeing her grow up and become a woman who doesn't need her daddy as much as she used to? Life is so unfair.

So it comes as no surprise that on the week that Cati is going to start solids (I have a countdown, yeah!) I am already thinking about how much fun she and I are going to have in the kitchen. I can picture her helping me bake desserts. I can see her little body covered in flour. I can see her little face light up when I tell her we are going to bake cookies together. I can see her and Alex fighting over who gets to lick the bowl (Alex says he will always get the bowl because he's the daddy; I'd like to think Cati will get the bowl with a single pout of the lip). I find joy in thinking of all the memories we will create together. She's going to be my little helper and when she grows up she will look back on our days in the kitchen with fondness and sweet love. We'll create a tradition that she will carry on with her kids.

With all this in mind, I have become obsessed with aprons. I have a million and three saved as favorites in my Etsy account. Etsy has become my go-to place for so many things. They have everything! I love that I am getting homemade things and I love how genuine the sellers come across. Here are some of my favorite aprons for Cati:

Cutie Flair

The Plaid Giraffe

Like I said, Etsy has everything. As if an apron for Cati wasn't enough, there's the possibility of us having matching aprons! I'm seriously delirious with excitement over this. I can't wait for Cati to be old enough to appreciate and enjoy our time in the kitchen together. (Note: This is probably the only thing Cati and I will ever have matching anything)

Cutestitch Bowtique

Garrett Girl Creations

Tiny Green Apples

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