Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Quick Review: Berries

I'm normally a breakfast purist and order pancakes with eggs (sunny side up, of course!), home fries, and a big ol' slab of ham. Recently, however, my carnivorous side got the better of me and I ordered steak, eggs, and home fries for breakfast at Berries in the Grove restaurant.  I have never done this and, the truth is, I didn't even know if I could handle this type of meal. I can eat two big, fluffy pancakes, two buttery eggs, crunchy home fries, and crispy ham with no problem. But a slab of steak AND eggs AND home fries? For breakfast? Am I crazy? The answer is yes, I could eat it. In fact, I complained that my steak was too small. The steak was beyond tender and I love how a good piece of steak needs nothing more than salt and pepper. The eggs were just how I like them: crispy edges and free flowing yolk. The home fries lacked the crunch I'm used to because I think these were baked instead of cooked in a skillet. They were still good and perfectly seasoned.
Berries Steak & Eggs
Berries in the Grove is located at 2884 SW 27th Avenue in Coconut Grove.

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