Sunday, August 22, 2010

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{Video} Behind the Scenes

We had Cati's 6 month photo shoot today. Cati was in a better mood for this shoot but the girl would not stop eating her hands! I wouldn't be surprised if half the pictures taken are of her with her hand in her mouth. I'd try to take away one hand and she'd put the other hand in her mouth. Apparently, there is something extra yummy about her hands and we just don't understand. I am so excited about getting the pictures. The photographer showed us the shots she got and they looked awesome!! I took a few pictures and some video but I didn't capture much. I learned how to use iMovie (!!!!):
PS my new goal is to take a picture of Cati and me together every single day. I'm never in any of the pictures because I'm always behind the camera. I got cute pictures of Alex with the baby today but there are no cute pictures of me with her. It upsets me to look through all the pictures and see that I'm barely in them. If it weren't for the weekly journals I write to her, Cati wouldn't know me if I died right at this moment. This is honestly the best picture I got of us today:

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Eliana said...

Can't believe she is 6 months already. God bless your beautiful baby.