Monday, August 16, 2010

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Today we hear from Jenn of Bridgetown Baby Momma. Jenn's son, Oskar, is a week younger than Cati, but oh man, he does not look it. I thought Cati was chunky but Oskar takes the chunkiness to a whole new level. Those thighs are out of control! You must check out their recent zoo trip for pictures of Oskar in all his deliciousness. Is it wrong of me to want Oskar to share some of his chunky legs with Cati?

Here are Jenn's answers:

1. One ugly truth about motherhood. At times it makes you feel like whatever you do it's never enough. Some days I feel like I'll never get caught up.

2. What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood to me is creating a person who will be a positive impact on his/her community. It's learning from our parents...the good and the bad.

3. How has motherhood empowered you? Motherhood, while makes me feel like I'll never get it all done...also makes me feel so accomplished at times. The days when I DO get it all done...I want to yell "I am momma...hear me roar!"

This series is all about the good and ugly of motherhood. It's also about showing how alike we mothers are in our motherhood experiences. Talking about our experiences not only helps us connect to other mothers but it also helps us know when what we are experiencing isn't normal. Jenn is a perfect example of this. She was brave enough to talk about her experience with PPD and I applaud her honesty and courage. She's not alone in how she feels and I hope her post resonated with other mommies (it did with me). Like she says in her post, If you even think you have PPD go see someone before it gets worse. Don’t feel ashamed, guilty, or talk yourself out of it. Hormonal induced depression does not get better on it’s own. You need help and deserve to get it.

Thanks Jenn for being so honest on your blog and for taking us on your mommy, weight loss, and photography journeys!

Project Empowering Motherhood is an ongoing series in celebration and honor of Cati's 6 months. For my responses to the questions and more about the series, go HERE. If you are interested in participating and being featured on the blog send your answers to the three questions to

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Jenn said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! As mothers we need to stick together!! The hard days make the rest worth every minute!