Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Styling C: Tuesday, 08.24.10 {Voting Bonus}

Cati woke up this morning and begged me not to change her out of her PJs. She said today was a staying-home-in-cozy-comfort kind of day. I don't blame her. If I'm staying in PJs all day, she should do the same thing, right? Except, girl had a carrot explosion in her diaper and decided she wanted to change into another set of PJs. Maybe she really just wanted to look good for her first time at the polls.

The Looks: Rainy Day Comfort
The Outfit, Part 1: First Impressions polka dot onesie and pink "I love mommy" pants
Love the bum!

The Outfit, Part 2: Carter's heart onesie and green pants
This is her "I'm underage and I voted!" face.

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